Staff News

Professor Anand Menon has published three articles on Brexit:

Dr Edoardo Bressanelli has written an article for the The Journal of Legislative Studies with Dr Nicola Chelotti (LSE):

  • Bressanelli, E. and N. Chelotti (2018). “The European Parliament and Economic Governance: Explaining a Case of Limited Influence”. The Journal of Legislative Studies, forthcoming 2018

Dr Alexander Clarkson did a podcast on Turks and Kurds in Germany with TurkeyBookTalk, an online source specialised on Turkish history and politics.

Dr Koldo Casla has successfully passed his PhD on “Order over Justice: International Human Rights Norm Promotion by Western European States”. Congratulations, Dr Casla!

Professor Christoph Meyer has written a new post on Brexit for the EIS blog.

Dr Douglas Voigt has successfully passed his PhD on “Social Justice and Labour Market Institutions: a Critical Analysis of the German Hartz Regime”. Congratulations, Dr Voigt!

Ksenia Kirham has moderated the section ‘Sanctioned States in the Context of Global Imperialism’ at the XI. RISA Convention in Moscow. She also gave a paper titled ‘The Welfare State Regime Approach to Analysing Sanctioned States’.

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