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One of the biggest leaps between Sixth Form and University is often moving away from home. Many students opt to live in ‘Halls of Residence’, especially in their first year. Halls are essentially blocks of flats with students, often from a variety of courses. They are normally mixed gender, but you can request to be put into gender specific flats if you wish.

To view the official, most up-to-date King’s Residence page, with a lot of referenced information in this blog post, please click here.

For me, the major features of accommodation include:

  1. Type of accommodation (e.g. non-ensuite, ensuite and studio)
  2. Location
  3. Additional Amenities
Type of accommodation

King’s offers different types of residences which often can be categorised into the following main groups:

  • Non-ensuite (i.e. shared bathrooms between students and a shared kitchen. A popular example)
  • Ensuite (i.e. own bathroom and a shared kitchen)
  • Studio (i.e. own bathroom and own kitchen)

The above three are simplified, and there can be variations such as “Large Ensuite”, which may include a larger room/bed. These variations are different between each Residence which King’s offer. Normally, more privacy comes with higher rent.

Often students and parents are concerned about finances. King’s Residences has a King’s Affordable Accommodation Scheme, known as “KAAS”, where eligible students have certain rooms priced up to £169 a week. More information and eligibility can be found here.

All of King’s Residences include all bills such as gas, electricity water and Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to worry about additional costs of bills.


Another concern is location. Although all accommodation is located within Zone 1 and 2, and all within at least 50 minutes transport to any campus, students may prefer to be close to a campus if possible. With the majority of teaching taking place at Guy’s Campus for dentistry, we are lucky to have London Bridge (Jubilee and Northern lines) moments away. This can make travelling from any accommodation convenient.

Some residences are within walking/cycling distance to Guy’s Campus. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Wolfson House
  2. Great Dover Street Apartments
  3. Moonraker Point
  4. Julian Markham
  5. Stamford Street Apartments

A premium is often reflected in the rent for being so local.

Additional Amenities
Champion Hill gym

Certain amenities which may attract can include:

  1. Onsite gyms. The accommodation which is maintained by King’s Residence may have a gym onsite. A great way to keep fit!
  2. Communal Spaces. This can include common rooms, study spaces and rooftops and even a cinema room! Different residences offer different communal areas
  3. All undergraduate accommodation at King’s has 24/7 security and reception staff

An updated Frequently Asked Question page can be found here and the current accommodation policy can be found here.

I hope you found this guide useful. If you have any questions, the King’s Residences team have a live chat on their website which is available Monday-Friday.






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