Why I chose to study dentistry at King’s

Hi there! I’m Jitesh, a second-year dental student at King’s, on the five-year standard entry BDS. Originally from up North in Newcastle, moving to London to study dentistry has been the biggest milestone and achievement of my life.

Over the next few months, I’ll be updating this blog and giving you a greater insight into life as a dental student at King’s. There are many reasons why I chose King’s, with my top three being:

1. The teaching. King’s is research-driven, with many of our lecturers, tutors and professors having written books which are used not only across the UK, but also the world! This not only comes with a lot of prestige, but can mean we are learning from the very best in the field.

2. Opportunities. As one of the biggest dental schools in the world, we have a vast array of opportunities. I have been on the KCL Dental Society committee since my first year, which has given me the opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills and stretch me out of my comfort zone – be it delivering talks to prospective students or help the running of events and conferences. At King’s, we have other student-led initiatives from teaching primary school students the importance of oral health as part of KCL Smile Society to dissecting research articles as part KCL Dental Research Society. We have a wide variety of societies, as part of KCLSU, which can give you the opportunity to meet students from different backgrounds and degrees.

3. The location. King’s is based in the heart of London, where you do a lot of your learning at the historic Guy’s Campus, based in London Bridge. You’ll never run out of places to visit or take part in, be it music concerts, some of the finest food or free museums and parks. In future years, as part of the outreach placement, I’m looking forward to either be treating patients in either West Norwood (South London) or Portsmouth, to help give a different patient demographic.

If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via UniBuddy or at the offer holder Instagram page and I’ll be more than happy to help






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