London Living: King’s Residences and beyond!

Now you have your offer, what’s next? If you don’t live in London, why not start thinking about your big move and most importantly where you’re going to live!

Moving to a new place can be daunting, especially when it’s your first time away from home. One of the great things about living in halls is that everyone is in the same boat, and it’s the perfect way to build up your confidence about living more independently, whilst still having support from the King’s community. Not only do you have the 24/7 reception and maintenance staff, but residence advisors and wardens who are student volunteers and have lived in halls before, helping you settle in to university life. Who knows, maybe in your second year you’ll be one of them!

King’s offers a huge variety of locations and rooms to suit every budget and lifestyle. This year we are adding two accommodations in Vauxhall to give even more choice to our new students. From en suite to shared bathroom, single room to studio, there really is something to suit everyone. We even have Orchard Lisle and Iris Brook, our two purely postgraduate residences based on Guy’s Campus. When deciding on your accommodation, think about what is most important to you: is it the location of the hall, or is it the type of room? Why not go to to see what we have to offer and do a virtual tour to see what your room could look like.

In my first year, I lived in Great Dover Street Apartments. As dentistry is almost exclusively based at Guy’s campus in the first year, living 10 minutes away was such a bonus. The residence houses over 600 people, and I found it really friendly, and with the large number of dental and medical students there was always someone to walk to class with, take a closer look here. It also has a computer room for when you don’t want to study in your room or the library, and a large common room and gym for when you want to unwind. All residents have free access to the gym, and as part of the ‘Be Active’ halls programme there are over 40 exercise classes and sports sessions weekly for all abilities, based either at the halls or minutes away. It’s a great opportunity to try new things and meet new people, you never know what you might enjoy! Another top tip is to go to the welcome events. During Fresher’s month, all the residences put on events to welcome new students and it’s a great way not only to get some free food, but to meet people on your course and beyond. I met people at the first night’s welcome party who I’m still friends with now, so give it a try.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be joining a vibrant community of students from across the globe who are as excited as you to be moving to London. Here’s to an amazing halls experience this Autumn!

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