Tips to prepare for Life at University

With starting university just on the horizon, here are my top five tips for preparing to study at University and how you can make the most out of your experience:

  1. Invest in an academic calendar and diary – These are both student essentials. Sadly, with university comes numerous deadlines, compulsory tutorials and exams! Keeping on top of your organisation will make the whole experience a lot easier and mean that you can enjoy your free time knowing you have your academic deadlines under control. Also, when studying dentistry you will at some stage need to book in your own patients. Having a clinic diary will mean that you won’t waste sessions by not having a patient booked in and you will know who are expecting at which appointment.
  2. Register for student discount sites and collect together important documents – Many shops offer student discounts to university students. This is a great way to cut down on spending. The majority of shops will accept a university card as evidence of being a student. However, sites such as Unidays allow you to shop online and get a discount. Collect together your important documents such as passport, drivers licence and national insurance numbers. It’s likely that you will need these for your DBS check required to start dentistry as well as if you start a new job.
  3. Meet student finance deadlines and apply for a student bank account – Missing deadlines set out by student finance could mean that you might start the term without any funding or way of paying your rent. Make sure that you have submitted the required evidence to student finance before their deadline. They have a high number of students applying for finance over the summer so missing these deadlines means that you might not have any income for fresher’s. You will also need to apply for a student bank account which can give you access to an interest free overdraft for when funds are low. This link compares the current student bank accounts available, some come with perks such as a 16-25 railcard!
  4. Join Facebook groups for your university and course – It is often possible to join groups on Facebook for your University, course, halls or any societies that you might be interested in. This is a great way to get a feel for events that are happening at the university and also chat to those who will be in your halls or on your course. Getting to know those who you will be studying or living with can stop you feeling nervous about starting university and there will be a few familiar faces when you join.
  5. Collect together a few of your favourite things from home – Having a few home luxuries such as your favourite teas or family photo in a frame will help you to settle into your new home and stop you from feeling home sick. Most student halls look very similar so it helps to have a few home comforts to make your room unique.

Best of luck with results day!


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