Student Life at King’s College London

It is safe to say that studying in London is an experience unlike any other. I think one of the main concerns all students have before heading to London is the worry of how expensive studying in London can be. With the cost of rent and living in London being higher, the vast majority of student receive extra income from student finance to make up for this. Also, it’s not uncommon for students at King’s to live with family whilst they complete their dental degrees.

London has numerous part time work opportunities which also helps with budgeting, as well as building essential skills required for your C.V. Whilst studying at King’s, I’ve worked as a conference director to organise an international health conference, helped students prepare for Dentistry interviews and showed you guys around as a student ambassador at open days. Managing part time work alongside dentistry can be stressful but I enjoy the experiences that come with it and welcome the distraction from dentistry at times! At King’s there are many opportunities to find part time work internally and externally through the Careers and Employability service, we also have a team of helpful Money Mentors on hand to provide support for your budgeting needs.

St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul’s Cathedral

Dental students at King’s are renowned for getting involved with extra-circular activities and London is the perfect place to do this, take a look at this video which highlights some of the many hobbies of dental students at King’s, “Not the Usual Drill”. I’m part of the King’s College London Clinical Humanities group who apply humanities hobbies such as art and music to the advancement of dental practice. We visit local galleries across London, host talks with clinical humanities pioneers and catch up for drinks to share ideas. Living in London means that you are never stuck for things to do, King’s close proximity to London Bridges means that you can walk along the Thames, visit the Tate modern or appreciate amazing food at Borough Market. We also have a farmers market on campus every Tuesday so we usually head out of the hospital to pick something up and sit outside on the quad for the lunch break.

Tate Modern
Tate Modern

London can be hectic and during half term and throughout the summer there are plenty of tourists around. Luckily, simple transport across London means that it is easy to escape by getting the tube to Hampstead Heath or Richmond Park if you are missing the countryside. There is now also the night tube the operates at the weekends meaning that you don’t have to worry about how to get home after an evening out or rely on getting expensive Ubers everywhere.

Hopefully this post has given you a bit of an insight into what it is like being a student at King’s, if you haven’t had a chance to visit the campus at the open days or during interviews, you can join one of our daily campus tours before the start of term and get a feel for the area.


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