Nursing in India, 1888


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In March 1888 a group of British nurses arrived in India to help establish the Indian Army Nursing Service. They consisted of eight Nursing Sisters and were led by two Lady Superintendents, Miss Catherine Grace Loch and Miss Jessie Elizabeth Oxley.  Miss Loch and … Continue reading

A long lost treasure…


This remarkable painted King’s College London crest was recently discovered in
a little-visited store room (NOT part of the Archives storage, I’d like to make
clear).  Made of some sort of cast
concrete, it’s approximately a metre wide, nearly a metre high, and extremely



The lion standing on his royal crown is detachable, and is
now stored in Archives, after a gentle preliminary clean to remove the worst of
the grime.

We think that it may have stood over a doorway to one side
of the original Strand entrance, although in this black and white photograph
the crest does not appear to be painted
– though that may just be down to layers of London soot.



The figures have suffered some damage over the years: the woman (‘Sancte’) on the left is missing a
hand and part of her nose



and ‘Sapienter’ on
the right looks as though he’s been in a fight.



Despite the dirt and the damage, the crest and its
supporters have a lot of charm, and it would be good to see them cleaned up and
back on display.