Global Internships Programme Students make global headlines!

The word on the streets of Columbia is that some of our very own King’s students have made the news!

As part of the King’s Global Internships Programme, 26 of our students are currently completing internships in Columbia with 4 participants interning with the Medellin City Council through The Intern Group.

Featured in the clip below, two of our King’s students are interviewed about their placements and the work they’re doing which will contribute to a report on the statistical analysis of mobility and will be published in both English and Spanish.

The students are having a great time working with the council and have had the opportunity to meet the President of the council and Councillors, and network with other international students interning with the council.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any more moments in the spotlight and can’t wait to read the report once it’s published! We hope all other students interning, both home and abroad, are having an equally enjoyable and interesting time. If you’d like to share your experiences whilst interning abroad, let us know by emailing: