Why, Why… Study Abroad?

Around this time of the year you will certainly start hearing about the numerous study abroad options King’s, and your department specifically, offers. As a result, you may be asking why studying abroad is a good idea. After going through a couple of study abroad experiences myself, which have quite literally changed my life, I compiled a list of the most relevant ways studying abroad can benefit you in terms of your personal development, employability and social experiences.

Personal Development

Going to a different country for a semester or full year changes you as a person in the best possible way! Arranging your everyday life in a new country on your own develops your independence, practically turning you into a superhero capable of anything! If you could tackle the challenge of moving to a new country on your own, possibly without speaking the local language, you can do anything!

Managing your own affairs and taking serious decisions while abroad will increase your maturity. The saying that growth only takes place outside of your comfort zone may be overused, but it is nevertheless true! Studying abroad certainly takes you out of your comfort zone by putting you in new and unexpected situations, helping you grow and develop as a person by becoming more understanding, patient, curious, brave and confident.

There is a great deal of non-academic learning during any study abroad experience which contributes to your personal development. You’ll learn a great deal of things that may be described as ‘general wisdom’ coming from the tremendous amount of life experience gathered through studying abroad that you will, no doubt, call upon throughout life!


Studying abroad  is a brilliant way to increase your employability and career potential. You’ll develop a new set of transferable skills, which can be used in a number of positions, jobs and situations which is greatly valued by employers. Studying abroad develops your ‘people’, skills, as well as your general decision making and problem solving abilities. It demonstrates that you have the skills to deal with new or unexpected situations, which is a crucial ability whether your job involves dealing with difficult customers or complicated technological problems.

With these new skills comes a new perspective giving you a fresh outlook on problems – a characteristic employers love to see!

Picking up at least some of the local language gives you a competitive edge in the labour market as employers increasing look for candidates who speak multiple languages.

Choosing to study abroad also demonstrates that you are brave, willing to take risks and aren’t afraid of the unknown. Overall, having that semester or year of studying abroad on your CV demonstrates that you have done more than just the bare minimum during your time at university. It demonstrates that you chose to undertake a challenge and that extra bit on your application can help distinguish you from the next candidate.


Now to the part that everyone is most curious about! Studying abroad forces you to meet and interact with new people, which may be daunting at first, but remember that other study abroad students are in exactly the same boat and that local students will be interested in getting to know you all! Your time abroad is the perfect opportunity to establish meaningful and long lasting friendships!

Being in a new city gives you the chance to explore its culture, gastronomy, and entertainment scene. So many new and exciting things to do!

Last – but certainly not the least important reason to study abroad: travel! Once you’re already in a new country, possibly also on another continent, it would be a shame not to travel around and see what the place has to offer. Studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your wanderlust by traveling around the area you are in!

So what are you waiting for? Check what study abroad options King’s offers or perhaps even a global internship, apply, get traveling, and have the time of your life!

And if you have any “lessons” or study abroad experiences you would like to share with us, you know the drill