Why do KLPSA?

What is it?

The King’s Leadership & Professional Skills Award (KLPSA for short) is a great way to learn various professional and leadership skills. Throughout the award, you have the chance to reflect on your strengths and how to improve them, as well as learn how to communicate your skills in your professional life. KLPSA award includes different courses that you can choose from, workshops offered by King’s Careers, and experiential learning.

What do you need to do for the award?

To begin with, apply for the KLPSA award! The deadline for applications is 12pm on Friday 29th September 2017! To apply, please log onto King’s CareerConnect, on your homepage you will see a ‘Forms & Information’ section with the KLPSA application form.

In order to earn this award, you need to complete a number of activities throughout the academic year. This includes compulsory activities (in-person sessions, online sessions, workshops and experiential learning) and additional activities, each of which gives you the points that determine your level of the award – KLPSA or KLPSAplus.

What do you get out of it?

I participated in KLPSA in my final year of university and it helped me tremendously in my career planning. I wish I had done it earlier! I learned a lot about various skills that are required to make yourself employable, and learned how to communicate and demonstrate these skills to employers. You have probably acquired many skills by the time you need to start looking for a job, so make sure you are able to market them.

In addition to the interesting panels and workshops for all King’s students, the in-person sessions only available to KLPSA students can be a really useful learning and networking experience. You’ll be able to strengthen specific skills through interactive learning from the industry professionals themselves. In one of those sessions, I also built my first ever spaghetti-marshmallow tower, so that’s pretty cool.

Eventually, you’ll come away with a ton of new knowledge, KLPSA award to showcase on your CV, and hopefully new connections. You’ll also be invited to attend the King’s Experience awards ceremony to receive your KLPSA certificate, followed by a reception where you can network and enjoy tasty canapés!ketsuThe author of the post got a photo-op with the principal and vice-principal