What to do this summer if you don’t have anything lined up

Fatima Malik, one of our Communication and Engagement Assistants, has given good advice about what to do in summer if you currently have nothing planned. It is important to rest but there are also things that you can do to build you self development and employability.

As we welcome the warmth of spring and verge towards the end of the academic year, you might be in two minds about how to spend this summer. If you aren’t amongst the lucky few with internships and grad jobs secured, do not worry! You can still have a productive and worthwhile summer experience. Below are a few ideas on how you might use your summer break effectively:


1. Volunteer: Volunteering is a rewarding role that allows you to make a positive and tangible impact on people’s lives. It also enhances your employability prospects. Having some volunteering work on your CV is always a bonus! Your charitable efforts won’t go amiss as they show employers your commitment to a cause. With there being volunteering opportunities in a range of sectors (not only charity/non-profit), it can be a great way for you to discover and decipher what field/position is right for you. Think of it as test-driving your future career in a no-pressure environment. Volunteering allows you to get a taste of the industry with no real strings attached. It could help you make a better and more informed decision with your graduate job search by elucidating your likes/dislikes. Check out our volunteering information sheet on KEATS for more guidance on where to start.


2. Learn a new skill – or brush up on an old one: In the midst of the busy academic year, we often sweep our hobbies to an aside. The summer break is the perfect opportunity for you to nurture these neglected passions. Whether you try your hand at guitar or attend an online coding course, any skill you pick up and develop is worth putting on your CV! Extra-curricular’s can inject a bit of character into your job applications and help you stand out from the crowd. These skills make you appear as a well-rounded candidate to employers. For example, if you’re interested in being a journalist, starting up your own blog can really strengthen and reinforce your enthusiasm about the industry, all whilst showing off relevant, transferable skills too! Take a short course on self reflection to see what areas you need to improve on.


3. Join a club: Joining a club is a sure fire way of meeting like-minded people and forging new friendships. Apart from networking, clubs are a fantastic way to improve your leadership, communication and collaboration skills, not to mention your confidence! The KCLSU impressively boasts over 300 different clubs and societies. From netball to knitting club, the list is endless and there is something to cater to everyone’s personal interests. These clubs usually still meet up over the summer period, giving you the chance to expand your social circles, refine a skill and create some unforgettable memories all at the same time!


Use this upcoming summer break to become the best version of yourself. Don’t forget to also rest and recuperate – you deserve it!