What is the entrepreneurial mindset? #MyNextSteps

For this week’s #MyNextSteps blog post, guest blogging Career Consultants Crystal Debrah-Ekolie and Donald Lush take a look at self-employment and what it actually means to have an entrepreneurial mindset. 

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So, you’ve been thinking about your future, looking around at the opportunities and wondering if they are the right thing for you. Most people leaving university think in terms of full-time regular employment, but have you considered working for yourself? This could mean freelance work, short term project-based contracts, consultancy, setting up a company or even a combination of all four.



Six traits of successfully self-employed people

The most important thing here is the mindset. Being self-employed is one of these ways means being the chief executive, finance officer, marketing and HR department and the workforce of your enterprise. You’ll need somewhere to work and some equipment. These days, a laptop and a phone are often enough to get you started.

However, the most important thing to have is an entrepreneurial mindset. Here are six traits successfully self-employed people often have:

1. Independence
2. High tolerance for risk
3. Creativity
4. Resilience
5. Decisiveness
6. Lots of self-motivation


If you are going to pursue self-employment, you need all these qualities. You’re in charge, you make the decisions and make everything happen and you don’t need anyone’s permission, so long as what you’re doing is legal and moral. Have a think about your personal qualities and your entrepreneurial mindset – and talk your ideas over with a careers consultant. If you have these qualities, then self-employment could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.


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Authors: Donald Lush and Crystal Debrah-Ekolie

Edited by Laura Patari