Unwind for the Christmas break: tips on how to relieve stress

As autumn term draws to an end, you are probably feeling exhausted and want to curl up in bed. This is very understandable as adjusting to hybrid learning can be difficult. It is important to unwind and have a good rest over the Christmas break so that you can come back refreshed, ready to start a new term. Celebrate yourself and all your hard work by taking time out for yourself. Do the things that you enjoy to detach your mind from the stress of studying. Below is a compiled list of simple things you can do to relax and boost positive energy.

1. Tidy your room

This might seem like a silly suggestion but our room can often reflect our mental state or a current period in our lives. Doing a deep clean and reorganising your space can do a lot of good for you. Buy some candles and burn some incense to really cleanse your space, bringing back a calm energy.

2. Get yourself moving and stretch

You don’t need to do any crazy exercise to relieve stress! Some light cardio, yoga or any form of exercise that gets your blood flowing is always a good way to release dopamine and endorphins. Stretching has also been proven to aid with better sleep and release tension so consider doing some before bed or when you wake up.

3. Go outside, even in the cold!

It can be very tempting to want to hibernate especially in this cold weather but getting outside can be a great way to reduce stress. Do you have any green spaces near where you live? If you do, it would be worth taking a visit so wrap up warm and enjoy nature. Maybe you live in the city and want to walk around your favourite area. Whatever the case may be, fresh air is always a good thing.

4. Meditate

Life gets extremely busy, especially as a student so it is essential you can clear your thoughts and restore balance in your mind. Listen to a guided meditation, practice mindful meditation or repeat your favourite mantras to calm your whole being. The calm app, PowerfulThoughts Meditation Club on Youtube and the Meditation Mantras blog are great sources to use when trying to meditate successfully.

5. Do what you enjoy

Sometimes the things that you enjoy have to be put aside when you are drowning in assignments and job applications. Revisit what you like to do. Pick up your instrument and jam. Grab that football and practice your goal scoring. We all have something that we enjoy doing so try and use this outlet as it will make you feel like you again.

6. Chill out with your favourite people

Your friends and family often encourage you, laugh with you and make you forget all of your troubles. This is the perfect time of year to reach out and spend some time with them. It can be a great way to talk about any issues you’re having as a problem shared is a problem halved right? Make the most of this time as it is when people are free and want to have fun.

So, what do you plan on doing this Christmas period to relax and unwind? Whatever you like to do the most, make sure that you do it. Be sure to make time for yourself and rest because you all deserve it! We want to wish you all a happy holiday and Christmas (if you celebrate it) and look forward to seeing you again in the new year. Bring on 2022!