The Marketing Assistant – aka One of the Best Ever Student Jobs

Apply for one of the best student jobs ever! If you’re here reading this blog, it means you want to know what it might be like working as an events and marketing assistant at King’s Careers and Employability. Well speaking from experience, you won’t be disappointed. The job which I found on King’s Talent Bank was so good, that I held onto it for 2 years whilst I finished my studies. I know right – it is that good. So what is it that I actually get up to on this best, most flexible and chilled job you ask?

Well in a nutshell, my job is about working for you. Yes you – my fellow students at King’s. We are here (there are a few of us MAs around) to shout about all things careers and employability related taking place on and off campus, so that you know where to go for advice and to help you reach your goals. Whether that be an internship, developing skills or networking with an employer – I am here to get that information to you. That might be through social media (we manage the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts), through a departmental careers newsletter, or even through liaising with society reps to make sure that you know the relevant careers things that are going on! We also take it old school – we make flyers and posters to distribute around campus and display them in all the places you love to chill – just to make extra sure you know we are here and we have careers guidance sessions, skills workshops, employer events and so many more things going on that you might be interested in attending.

As a Marketing Assistant, you tend to be responsible for one/two faculties overall – so you will work closely with the Careers Consultants, as well as with the legendary dragon slayer St. George who also happens to be your manager and the Marketing & Communications Officer (minus the Saint, but only in name and not in nature).  You may for example, be responsible for marketing the Faculty of Arts and Humanities events on campus to students but there is so much support from the team, from academic departments and society reps that helps you spread the word to students along the way.

The other part of working as an MA centres on events which include our Careers Fairs, as well as wider university open days/post-offer days, to smaller employer events such as presentations or panel discussions. At these times you may be a general ambassador helping to direct people or answer questions, responsible for distributing and collecting feedback surveys, or even taking notes to be uploaded onto KEATs pages. No two days are the same which is one of the reasons I love coming into work. Did I forget to mention all the knowledge you gain for your career as a student too?! I have applied and shared so many opportunities I have come across which is one of the benefits of working on the inside of King’s Careers as a King’s student!

If none of these things have convinced you to apply, you may still be thinking about the time factor and how you will balance this part-time job with your studies. However, the best thing about working in a university service as a university student is the flexibility and the understanding that your studies are the priority. I have never had to compromise on my academic work because I am able to deliver the work in advance on days and hours that suit me. Also, with a team of other MAs, there is always someone to help you out if you need it!

If you are still reading at this point, I don’t know why you haven’t clicked apply already! There isn’t much more to say apart from telling you once again that this is best, most flexible job with a great team full of banter. It is hard to find a job as a student as great as this, and I know I will miss it when I leave. 🙁 I would genuinely not be writing this blog, if that weren’t the case!

To apply, visit the vacancy on King’s Talent Bank here ->
Apply for one of the best student jobs ever! 

Written by (you guessed it) a former Marketing Assistant for King’s Careers & Employability

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