“Tell me about yourself” – how to answer this question at interview

When faced with the question “Tell me about yourself” in an interview, it can be easy to suddenly forget everything there is to know about yourself! By knowing how to confidently answer this question, you will never need to feel stuck in an interview again. With help from our Careers Consultants, we have compiled together our top tips on how to tackle this question and convince employers that you are the best person for the job…  

Think about what you want the employer to know about you 

This question is being asked to find out what kind of person you are. The recruiter has probably already seen your CV, so this is your opportunity to expand on the things you want them to know. Mention the interests and skills you have that will make you an asset to the company you are applying to. However, you must remember to back up what you say with evidence. For example, if you play the piano you can explain that this has taught you to be disciplined with your practice and patient in learning new skills. 

Talk about your interests and experiences that are relevant to the job 

Take this question as a chance to promote your reasons for applying for the job and explain why you would be good at it. Put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter and pinpoint your top skills, experience and abilities that show that you fit the job description. You can draw on relevant work experience or even mention values that you share with the organisation in question. This will put you in the best position for the employer to see how you will fit into their company and decide if you are the right person for the job. 

Be specific

Although this question is vague, your answer should not be! It can seem quite daunting because it is so broad, but the key is not to start telling the interviewer everything. Instead, be specific on your best attributes and experiences. It is useful to think of three key things that you would want the interviewer to remember about you.  For example, that could be a research specialism that is relevant to the job, or your work and internship experience that have given you the skills to undertake the role you want. Once you have a few key points that you can mention in mind, you should find it easier to tell the employer the best things about yourself in a structured and concise way. 

If you have an interview coming up and would like to get some extra support to prepare for this, why not sign up for one of our Practice Interview sessions. These can be booked in advance on King’s CareerConnect. You might also want to use the Interview Stream to practice video interviewing online.

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