So… You Think You Can Network?

Top tips for networking abroad…

  • Embrace other cultures and share parts of your own!

Make an effort to learn the language, try the local cuisine and delicacies and explore! Try to immerse yourself into the environment and befriend colleagues at work who are sure to show you all the best things to do but will also want to hear about you and your journey so far.

  • Connect, share and learn:

We all bring a range of perspectives and experiences to the work place and interning abroad is no different! Use this opportunity to learn from others, find out how and why they work in different ways and try to apply it to what you do. Whether it’s a new way of communicating with clients or an alternative structure to the working day – take this chance to really get a feel for working abroad and making connections that you can learn from and share knowledge with.

  • Go along to conferences, seminars, workshops and talks!

If the opportunity arises there is nothing to stop you from going! You’ll get to meet like-minded individuals all interested in the same subject and of course there’ll be plenty of networking to be done, perhaps even with potential employers.

  • Stay connected

So you’ve made lots of great contacts, people who you can get in touch with if you’re looking for sector advice, others who are happy to host you if you return but it can be easy to lose track, especially when you’re trying to balance work, a social life, life-admin, chores etc. so stay connected on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!

  • Don’t forget about us

Once you’re back from your amazing internship abroad it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day but remember to keep in touch with all your new connects when you’re home! Show your thanks by sharing your experiences on twitter, with the student newspaper or even on a blog with us.

Applications for King’s Global Internship Programme are now open. Apply to be a global intern by 11th February on King’s CareerConnect. For more information click here.