Shortlist me – King’s new subscription that helps you with job interviews

Xuan Lin Tan, one of our Communication and Engagement Assistants, delves into why practice interviews are so important and what we offer at King’s to assist you with feeling as confident as possible.

After weeks of applications and follow up emails, you have finally got an interview invite! An interview for a new post is always a daunting prospect, and it is important to review the post’ requirements to prepare yourself for the interview. But what if you could go one step further and get yourself ready with a practice interview?

Practice interviews are a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the interview process and to formulate clear and concise answers for any questions that may come up- whether these be behavioral or skill-based questions. It allows you to feel more comfortable with your portfolio and telling your professional stories. You can also receive constructive feedback to help you modify your answers for future interviews. Through this process, you will develop interview strategies and communications skills, whilst improving confidence and reducing stress.

King’s Careers & Employability have partnered with to provide you with a range of practice interviews to support your career journey. You can choose from general interviews, or job-specific tailored interviews! Select an interview and you will be guided through the process to record yourself as you answer questions, then artificial intelligence will provide a score on how the interview went and suggest some improvements! You can also review the videos and reflect.

Of course, nothing beats the opportunity to have a practice interview in person. So, after utilizing, we invite you to attend an online, or in-person interview with our Career Specialists here at King’s Careers & Employability. Through King’s Careers Connect, you may book a practice interview up to 24 hours in advance. However, you must have an actual interview scheduled first. We also offer additional interview support through KEATS!