National Trivia Day – Careers Trivia

In honor of National Trivia Day we have put together a list of Careers Trivia full of fun and unexpected career facts! Read on to have your socks knocked off!

  • Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister spent his gap year trying to make it as a rock music promoter in London at the age of 18!
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  • Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with writing the first resume? He sent it to Ludovico il Moro, Duke of Milan. The letter impressed the Duke so much that he became a long time patron of Da Vinci.
  • As a result of technological advances, many jobs that used to be essential are now extinct. Some examples are…
    • Lamplighter – a person who would go around the city at night and light all of the street lamps by hand with the help of a long stick.
    • Bowling Alley Pinsetter – before bowling alleys had machines to reset their pins, there were people who did it. They were usually teenagers who would stand at the end of the alley and reset the knocked down pins by hand
  • stopwatchThe average time employers spend on looking at a CV is between 5 and 7 seconds. (So make sure yours makes a good impression, read some tips here!)
  • Julius Caesar invented the employee referral system back in 55 BCE. Apparently he offered 300 Sestertii to any soldier for recruiting another into the Roman army.
  • 80% of jobs never get posted. They are only found through networking, which it is important to put network!

That’s it from us, we hope you enjoyed the careers themed trivia! If you have any you’d like to share with us comment below or tweet us @kingscareers.

Enjoy National Trivia Day!

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