LinkedIn Learning Courses | Make the most out of your free access

A great way to boost your employability and have an impressive LinkedIn profile is to complete some LinkedIn Learning courses. You have free access to thousands of high quality, current and engaging video tutorials to support your career needs. Are you aspiring to be in a management position? It would be beneficial to take courses on leadership, team work and project management. Is your goal to work in a creative job? Learn how to use the Adobe Creative suite, creative thinking skills and ways of presenting your work. Still not convinced? Below are some key reasons why you should utilise Kings’ subscription to LinkedIn Learning and how you will stand out compared to other candidates:


It can be difficult transitioning from student life to professional life and it can feel overwhelming at times. If you don’t have much work experience, particularly in an office environment, there are various courses on LinkedIn Learning that will give you some basic insight. This may increase your confidence when applying for job applications and interviews.


You never know what new skills could help you to land a new job. LinkedIn Learning is a great source to use to familiarise yourself with areas/skills that you are not confident in. It will help you in interviews as you will be seen as proactive, someone who is eager to work on their weaker skills.


One thing that LinkedIn is good at is looking at industry trends and emerging technologies while tailoring and creating courses inline with these changes. By completing a course, you may have an extra piece of contemporary knowledge that gives you an edge over other candidates.


The courses themselves are delivered by real world industry experts who have lots of experience and give great advice. Many of them are led by American tutors but what you learn is applicable anywhere.

Our new LinkedIn Learning KEATS page is up and ready to use. Courses have been divided by skill and careers readiness stage which should make it easier to filter through. You can also complete any course that is not in the table, it will just give you all a starting point. All that is needed from you is to click on the link found in the pop up which will redirect you to LinkedIn. You will sign in using your Kings login but completed courses will be displayed on your personal profile.