King’s Global Internships: what happened in 2018, and what lies ahead in 2019…

This summer King’s students have completed internships in locations across the world: Thailand, Shanghai, Italy, France, USA and Colombia… just to name a few! Say hello to your fellow King’s students around the world!


Here is what our King’s Interns had to say about their experiences: 

In a way, being abroad, I was made to think more deeply about my future than ever.

My Spanish language skills improved dramatically during the summer and I was able to handle complex legal documents in Spanish with relative ease and assurance

I’m very lucky because I got to experience a bit of everything. I have learned so much.

The experience overall has been wonderful, and I feel more myself than I have in a long time – this is the most social I’ve been, the most fun I’ve had, and the most positive I’ve felt.

Here are some quick facts about the programme:

  • All students from all faculties can make an application for a Global Internship
  • You can find and apply for the internship opportunities on King’s CareerConnect
  • Global Internships take place over the summer months (June- August)

If you are interested in gaining international work experience during your studies at King’s, please attend some of our events or visit our website to find out more

You can sign up to the King’s Global Internships Newsletters on King’s CareerConnect to get bi-weekly news and updates from the King’s Internships Team! Watch the video below to learn how to sign up:

If you have any questions our team is happy to help- we’re looking forward to hearing from you! We hope you enjoy your time at King’s College London!