Justice Matters – Careers in Human Rights and International Law

As well as being World Emoji Day, today is World Day for International Justice, a celebration of international criminal justice marked by the adoption of the Rome Statute and subsequent creation of the International Criminal Court. To mark the day, we’ve put together a few of the best places to gain the experience necessary to pursue a career in human rights or international law.

  • Membership of the Human Rights Lawyers Association is free to students, and you can attend a range of careers-related events.
  • KCL’s Pro Bono Society work on a lot of justice orientated projects. The Human Rights Project, described as the “cornerstone of the society” looks like a particularly good thing to get involved with.
  • Young Legal Aid Lawyers are a group of lawyers working either in legal aid or areas of law that have traditionally been publically funded. They offer a mentoring scheme for students or those in the early stages of practice.
  • You’re probably already aware of Chambers; use their profile search to find firms practicing in these areas by selecting terms such as “Public International Law” and “Civil Liberties & Human Rights.” You can then target these firms when searching for work experience and jobs.
  • Finally, as today marks the anniversary of the creation of the International Criminal Court, why not find out how you can get involved with their work.


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