Global Placement Stories | Hristina-Andreea Sararu at Sainsbury

Hristina Sararu is a current Computer Science student at King’s College London. In this entry of Global Placement Stories, Hristina divulges tips she has for the application process! 

I am working as Data Analyst in my placement at Sainsbury’s and have enjoyed my journey so far. It can be overwhelming working in a big company, but you should always take your time. You are neither late nor early – you are on your own time, so do not worry if the transition from university to a working environment takes a while.  

I am grateful for the decision that I made when I accepted my offer: I was looking for a challenging place with great networking. My only advice is that you should apply early. It is not a guaranteed success, but it can boost your chances of getting a placement. Another suggestion would be to create a spreadsheet where you introduce the companies that you applied to and the stage of your recruitment process. In this way, you will be more organized and keep up with interviews and workload from the university. In your resume and interviews, try to be natural and honest – don’t say that you know something that you actually do not know. This is also valid in your daily activities at work – always recognize your skills and be authentic.  

One mistake that I made during my recruitment process was to be discouraged after a failed interview. It is absolutely normal not to pass an interview, so do not be harsh on yourself. You should ask for feedback after this experience and see what you can improve.  

And the most important part of securing a placement – have fun! Do not forget that you are still a student and enjoy your life! Everything will come to you when it is the right time.