Buckle Up Buttercup: It’s Finally Freshers’ Fair!

Welcome Week is almost over… but one important event is still on your planner: It’s the Freshers’ Fair!

It may seem daunting at first – Freshers’ Fair is an ever-busy, packed event (the KCLSU having boasted that there are over 330 societies and activity groups at KCL…) Still, attending it is an absolute must. Getting involved in student life is perhaps the most important thing you do during your first weeks at university. The Freshers’ Fair is there to help get you started! #Protip1: Sign up to society newsletters with an email that’s not your primary account. Trust me, I still get emails from societies I wanted to join but never did… (Don’t worry if you make the same mistake – it’s not the end of the world, I promise.)

The More the Merrier

We know all too well just how tricky it can be to figure it all out. There’s a lot to choose from! #Protip2: You don’t really have to choose just yet! During my first two years at KCL I learned that it’s okay to try them all. In fact, the time to do a little bit of everything is now! #Protip3: Go to the free tester events before you pay the full society membership fee. There’s a combination out there for everyone. Though, you should remember that some sports teams will want you to commit to certain hours. Joining Tennis, Rugby and Handball at the same time might not be the best idea.

The More the Merrier (1)

There are of course other ways to get involved in student life. I’ve personally discovered that a good place to start is in your own department. Find out if there are things going on (such as student blogs or newspapers, events, etc.) that might tickle your fancy. Feel like something is missing? Do what you can to change that! I bet there are more people out there feeling the same. Becoming a student representative might also help you in the right direction.

The More the Merrier (2)

Want to make new friends and build a professional network? Want to know your university? #Protip4: Find out if there’s a job for you on campus. Yep, it’s that easy. There might not be a job on campus for everyone, but keeping an eye out for that perfect part-time job never hurt anyone.

That’s almost it for now, folks. The final (and most important) #Protip5 is simple: You do you, boys and girls! No one knows what you like and how you should get involved in student life better than you. Good luck ✌

Written by Silje Undlien, Third Year War Studies undergraduate at King’s College London & one of our new Marketing Assistants at King’s Careers & Employability.