Competition alert: ideate in a new global learning experience with Infosys

Infosys Limited is inviting students to join them for an 8-week global learning and ideation experience, the Infosys Summer of Ideas. With the chance to win some great prizes along the way, it’s a chance to challenge yourself, learn and ideate with a global network of peers.

Picture of a lightbulbThe below was provided to us by Infosys:

 Infosys Summer of Ideas is an 8-week global ideathon powered by Infosys digital learning platform Wingspan. The Ideathon is aimed at helping the global student and academic community fulfil the gap of learning opportunities as a result of the disruption caused by COVID-19. Infosys Summer of Ideas is a great way to energize and ideate, to push boundaries of your capabilities in a fun and creative environment. It is also the new-normal method of collaborating, conceptualizing, and creating with your teams. The Ideathon will feature ideas and thoughts with an objective to deliver agile and implementable solutions relevant to the post-COVID world.


What is in it for you?

By participating on the Infosys Summer of Ideas competition you’ll get to refine your groundbreaking ideas on cutting-edge technology, network and get mentored by industry experts, develop your knowledge and learn from Infosys courses, gain a certificate and finally, $1000 prize money for every member of the winning team!


Image of waypoint signSteps you’ll take to enter:

  1. Apply on the competition website before 29 September2020.
  2. Take the assessment
  3. Describe your idea
  4. Get selected and work in a team of 5

For more details and information about the competition visit our web pages.




The competition deadline is 29th September 2020 – enter now for your chance to take part!




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