Assessment Day – Your Number One Resource for Psychometric Tests

Online tests are a very common part of the graduate job application process. The thought of doing these can be daunting, but the good news is that we’ve got a great resource to help you plan and practice –

What does it offer?

It’s a great site with lots of information and advice on different types of test – along with actual tests that you can practice.  It covers verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, Watson-Glazer, logical reasoning, situational-judgement and many more. You can compare your performance against other users (1.1million tests completed on the site) and can see where you need to improve. AND… there’s even more content on our King’s exclusive part of their site     You need to go to each site separately access both to get all of the content – so fully explore the public content at – then go to to access more tests.  The best bit is that it’s not just got the tests but also PDFs of the answers, and – crucially – the workings out, so it actually explains why the answer is correct.

Free & paid content

Scrolling down the relevant test-type page to get to the free tests in the public site. Complete those and then go the ‘/kcl’ site for more sample tests. If that’s not enough, you can also pay for even more premium content (between £12 & £35 for up to 80 more tests). However, there’s several hours of free content between the general and the KCL sites, so you’ll probably find that’s enough, without needing to buy more content. All of the information about the tests is free, so the paid content is just further practice tests.

Anything else to note?

In the bar at the top, navigate to ‘more’ and you’ll find advice on particular test providers (e.g. Kenexa, SHL) and tips on particular aspects of assessment centres (group exercise, role play etc)

Want even more advice?

This detailed e-book is available on the Library Services website:  just log in with your King’s username


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