Application Season: How to keep track of your applications! 

Application season tends to throw students into a frenzy of applying for multiple roles and multiple companies, sending off cover letters after cover letters, completing psychometrics after psychometrics, and recording video interviews after video interviews. This year, I’ve seen friends who sent off the wrong cover letter, forgot to complete a psychometric before a deadline, and received interview invites and did not remember what the role was for. So here are some tips on how to keep track of your applications! 

  1. Set up a professional email/email folder: Ensure you don’t lose any job application responses amid social media notifications or newsletter subscriptions by setting up a dedicated email folder, or better yet set up a professional email account. This way, you can easily find specific communications and references when needed. 
  2. Develop a naming convention for your files: When saying your CV or cover letter or references, follow a set naming convention. I like to use [CV/Cover Letter/Reference]-[Company]-[Role]. 
  3. Keep a tracker: With a spreadsheet, or even with Notion’s job application tracker, record essential details about each job application. Some websites such as Bright Network has a basic deadline tracker built in so that you won’t miss any deadlines! Regularly update your job application tracker with the status of each application. Make note of any replies, interview invitations, or rejections.  
  4. Follow up promptly: Be proactive about following up a job application to demonstrate professionalism and interest, keep yourself on the radar, whilst building rapport.  
  5. Research potential employers: Researching potential employers can not only help you prepare for your interviews, but also help you prioritize your applications based on what’s the most desirable for yourself. Andrea Cox has crafted an amazing spreadsheet that helps guide students through the process of employer research. This step-by-step guide can allow you to evaluate what kind of companies you’re looking to work for.  

Staying organized and diligent throughout the job application process will help you manage your applications effectively and increase your chances of success. All the best this application season!