Advice for my young self

Now in turn for some insiders tips and wisdom, here are some of the things we wish we knew when we first started our journey in King’s: From Alex & Lucia – King’s students & part-time careers staff.


The first few months of settling into university can be daunting, especially when you are in a city like London. Between social events with your friends and the demanding work for university, there does not seem to be a lot of time to worry about your career. But it was very important, in my experience, to get myself in the right mindset from the beginning. Start planning your week on Sunday (what commitments do you have? When do you have time for yourself?) and start setting career-related targets. You can use an app such as Outlook Calendar or the traditional pen and paper planner. Set one small step every week – attend one career event, do some work on your LinkedIn page, spend an hour on your CV – you will gain momentum by achieving small goals and feel more focused in turn. Having a schedule for the week will make you more efficient and better at time management, skills that come in handy when it comes to making applications, performing in assessment centres or just impressing employers with how you managed to balance a demanding student life.


There are a couple of things that I wish I knew before I started studying at King’s, mostly because the university has so much to offer that at least for me just doing a one year Master’s programme it seems like not enough time to explore all the different options.

Explore the different resources available for students. King’s offers multiple opportunities, but it sometimes feels like you must go on a scavenger hunt to find what they are and where to find them.

  • Take advantage of the career’s resources, and the different appointment types available, attending to events and practicing your networking is also a must.
  • Engage more with your professors, most of them are willing to chat with you and can give valuable advice related to the course or career-wise.
  • Apply to the mentoring scheme, one of the hidden gems students should take more advantage of that allows you to find a mentor.
  • Start your year with a positive and open mindset. One of the cool things about King’s it’s the global environment, so come open to listen to different perspectives that will enrich your experience while at college.
  • Take advantage of the clubs and societies, there is literally something for everyone.
  • Remember to have a balance between studying and other hobbies; either if you want to explore more of London, go out with friends or keep on doing things you are passionate about, make time in your day for those important things.
  • Get some King’s College London gear before you leave, to display your pride in being part of this great college.

However, the most important advice that I would give anyone starting their time at King’s is to enjoy it and make the most out of it. King’s and London have so much to offer that you should really take advantage of all the events happening both at school and in the city. Give yourself the chance to explore and meet different people.