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As the year draws to a festive close and a very merry Christmastime tiptoes up upon us, some may find themselves in a reflective, contemplative place: ‘How’, they may ask themselves, ‘has the past year gone?’ What’s gone well and what…might’ve been done a little differently? What shall we change for next year and what shall we build upon, to match and surpass our myriad achievements-to-date?’

Latching onto these somewhat navel-gazing and certainly overwritten sentiments, rife, at least, within the King’s Online Blog, this December the KO leadership team forcibly lashed a team away-day onto our annual end-of-year extravaganza; pairing an enlightening and engaging ‘Gallup Strengths-Finder’ morning with an entertaining and…shall we say…‘lively’ Christmas lunch. This all took place at the excellent Wallacespace buildings, right at the heart of London’s fashionable Covent Garden.

As a team, it turns out that we’re a particularly strategic bunch, outscoring lawyers, consultants and other university teams in this regard by a country mile. ‘Execution’ and ‘relationship building’ skills are also relatively well spread out throughout the different groups within King’s Online. ‘Influencing’, however, was an area we shied away from a little – explaining, perhaps, why this blog is yet to go massively ‘viral’.

Firstly, individuals within the wider team were randomly paired up, and ‘top five’ strengths were compared and contrasted. Then our functional/leadership teams were brought together, to highlight particular areas of strength within each group – as well as those areas where capabilities might be lacking (which must, of course, also be highlighted, even at Christmas).

Lastly, the rule was run over the team as a whole, before we were released downstairs for a wonderful lunch and much-needed drinks of a sparkling nature. Gifts of markedly varying quality were exchanged to various amounts of excitement, and much merry was generally made.

Janek Secret Santa

Sometimes, ’tis better to give than to receive…

Tom Secret Santaespecially at a King’s Online secret Santa!

Assorted arenas of libation were then frequented and…and now one’s memory gets a wee bit hazier, details slipping from one’s mind like gravy through the prongs of a well-laden fork. Fortunately, the lessons learned from our Strengths-Finder training will be notably more permanent, and will perhaps shape King’s Online’s strategies and approaches throughout what should be a fantastic and exciting 2018.

And now, what is there to do but wish you all a very merry Christmas and an equally happy new year! We’ll see you all in 2018, no doubt with more tip-top behind-the-scenes ed-tech insight and gossip, more overlong and over adverb-ed sentences, and (hopefully) more very good news from King’s Online towers! Feliz Navidad!

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