King’s Online & ‘agile working’

Both for expanding units such as King’s Online, and for the humble spider crab of recent Blue Planet II fame, sometimes physical ‘growth’ can prove a little bit tricky…

BBC crabsHot-desking spider crabs: almost as numerous as tech start-ups

 While swiftly developing start-ups seldom need to resort to massing together on the ocean floor, shedding their tight, spiked shells while avoiding giant stingrays, growth in size without corresponding growth in space can present comparable, if less briny, difficulties. Market-leading online courses, for example, cannot be created without real-world infrastructure – yet what does one do when one’s team is expanding ‘too quickly’?

To seek out innovative solutions to this happy problem, the whole King’s Online team congregated recently at Bush House, to attend an invaluable ‘agile working workshop’. Here, experienced change managers – fresh from working on successful projects right across King’s College London – organised group discussions and shared insights from numerous different sectors, all of which had faced similar space-related challenges.

‘Flexible or agile working’ as a concept has moved from industry to industry and sector to sector over the past years, and it was great to learn of the various methodologies and protocols adopted by a medley of organisations. Even government offices and public sector bodies – not always the most flexible-minded of groups – are looking to lead the way here! Be it through remote working, hot-desking, or technology-based solutions, teams, companies and organisations all over the world are becoming more flexible in their working patterns.

To that end, as a collective we have pulled together a whole host of our own ‘King’s Online’ protocols, to help us navigate the upcoming challenges of 2018 and ensure that next year is even more successful than the last. A quartet of ‘champions’ have been appointed to help implement these new ideas, and new and fabulous equipment will be shipping its way across to the team to help make these agile working dreams a reality! With mutual trust and our usual professionalism very much central to these new endeavors, we at King’s Online are quite certain that what once were seen as difficult challenges will turn out to be excellent opportunities!

George & Moia hard at workSome flexible working at its most agile in the King’s Online office


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