Innovation, innovation, innovation (Part One)


Earlier this month King’s Online’s Instructional Technology Manager, Louise Bennett (@aestivus) spoke on the topic of building innovative teams in digital education at the Open Forum Events (@openforumevents) conference, ‘Technology in Learning: Reshaping the Educational Landscape’.

Here the King’s Online Blog brings you the first section of Louise’s insightful and engaging talk, touching upon the reasons behind our unit’s focus on all things innovation.


One of the things we’re truly focused on at King’s Online is building innovation into each and every single thing we do. We want to improve our methods continually, with fresh ideas and constant redevelopment.

But why this focus on innovation? 

  • We want control and adapt the tools we use day-to-day – It’s important to us that we can implement the changes we want, when we want them. Waiting for other people to develop something for us just doesn’t suit King’s Online’s fast-paced workflow.
  • We want to contribute to the wider community – Open source tools rely on community support, and we’re in the fortunate position of being able to give back to the community that gave us our original tools in the first place. We feel that as we can help make the tools better for everyone, we should.
  • We have design & development ideas – We at King’s Online have a lot of ideas: endless quantities of them, in fact. As we wish to make the best e-learning products possible, this requires moving and changing – and implementing our new ideas.
  • We want to be industry leaders in what we do – Being an industry leader, we feel, means doing more than ‘just what everyone else does’. We need to be the one that other people look to follow.

 As a result of all of this, building a multi-talented team that truly embraces innovation has been key.

 [End of part one]

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