First Adapt Meet Up Held at King’s

On Tuesday, King’s Online hosted the first Adapt Community Meet Up at King’s College London. Two concurrent streams saw more experienced users being dazzled by presentations on the Advanced Track, and newcomers taken through all the essentials on a Foundations Track.

Photo courtesy of @AdaptLearning

Adapt is a free, open-source e-learning tool that our team started using about 9 months ago. The Adapt community is a group of developers, authors and interested stakeholders who all use the free tool, collaborate to improve it and contribute new features to expand its functionality and usability.  We were delighted to be able to help bring this talented, enthusiastic community together in one room.

More than 80 people attended, and heard from a number of community members – from developers to instructional designers – looking at how the tool is being used currently and how it integrates with new trends, and how the tool may evolve in the future.

Whilst some of the more technical sessions went completely over this author’s head, one key theme persisted throughout the day– the strong sense of community and collaboration. Brian Quinn from Learning Pool used the phrase, ‘There’s no “I” in Open Source’ in his presentation. This collection of individuals, with different motivations, in different organisations, sectors and industry all put in the time and effort to make a product better for the benefit of all Adapt users.


Presenters spoke with passion; audience members participated by directing thoughtful questions and engaging in robust discussions. We hope this will be the first of many meet ups.

If we had our time over, we would have done away with our conference-style names badges, and instead opted for something like this, incorporating everyone’s individual Adapt avatar:


Thank you to Learning Pool and Sponge UK for sponsoring the event, and to everyone who attended. A video will be available soon. In the meantime, you can search #AdaptLondon on Twitter to see what some of the attendees were live-tweeting.

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