Welcome to back to our On the Couch series of interviews.

In this episode, we join Dr Daniel Glaser (Director, Science Gallery at Kings College London and module lead for Neuroscience in Society) together with former King’s student Dr Tara Swart (Neuroscientist, medical doctor and leadership coach) as they discuss the role of neuroscience in the workplace.

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 Neuroscience in leadership

We’ve all experienced it! Picture the co-worker whose aggressive conduct in the workplace makes them  difficult or unpleasant to be around.  Then there’s the co-worker whose high levels of stress appear to permeate across the entire team – thus giving rise to another set of workplace challenges.

It is suggested that a neuroscientific approach could be the answer, but do we have enough evidence to support the success or the usefulness of neuroscience in leadership?

In this episode, Dr Glaser and Dr Swart discuss a number of fascinating and familiar topics. In an extract from the Neuroscience in Society module available on both of our online masters degrees in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health MSc and the Applied Neuroscience MSc  programmes, listen as they discuss:

  • Why neuroscience in the workplace appears to be so popular at the moment.
  • How explaining to someone how neuroplasticity works and how we build capabilities in our brain, can really make a difference in their behaviour.
  • How neuroscience can help leaders who want to change – but don’t know how to.
  • Amygdala hijack – Is it just an excuse for bad behaviour, and is it even a ‘thing’?

Watch the full interview and let us know your thoughts. You don’t have to be a King’s student to add a comment or join in the discussion.

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