Contours Installation


King’s Professor Andrew Prescott of the Department of Digital Humanities was also at the festival showing a harmonious arts and science project as part of the AHRC Digital Transformations theme. Contours – an interactive sound scultpure using conductive ink, was developed by Bare Conductive, Fabio Antinori and Alicja Pytlewska (Commissioned by the MAK Museum of Applied Arts and Contemporary Art in Vienna).

How to Live Like A Martian


On Friday night, a talk sponsored by King’s on ‘How to Live Like a Martian’ saw Dr David Green from the Centre for Human and Aerospace Sciences alongside astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell and extreme environment doctor Alex Salam discuss the plans for a mission to Mars.

The general conclusion of the panel was although they thought the timescales for some of the planned Mars ventures were too optimistic, they thought we would reach Mars within the next few decades, and the challenge of the mission will spur on technical innovations which could have benefits ‘back on Earth’.

King’s at Cheltenham Science Festival 2014

Various researchers from King’s have been talking at the Science Festival this year in Cheltenham

The festival started with a discussion involving Professor David Cowan (Director of the Drug Control Centre at King’s) on detection of performance enhancing drugs in sport.

Ethicist Dr Illina Singh took part in a discussion on whether brain simulation was an appropriate treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Professor Robert Plomin took part in two events at the festival based on his research into the genetics of intelligence.

Professor Clive Page helped reveal the hidden science behind baking (hopefully without exploding too many cakes).