Some food facts…

A few things we’ve learnt from the first week of the festival:

  • The average person produces half a litre of saliva each day
  • American Chocolate has soured milk added to it to reproduce its original taste
  • The number of overweight people in the UK has trebled in the last 20 years
  • 1-2% of whisky is lost through evaporation each year in the barrel
  • Fray Bentos is a town in Uruguay which supplied Britain with Oxo cubes and Corned Beef

No doubt more food (and drink) facts to follow this week!

Culinary tour of the world…

Our first few events have taken us from Brazil, India & China (Feeding the World) to Ghana (Cocoa Production & Child Labour) and Uruguay (Beefing Up Britain). Tonight we return back to China for a talk on ‘Chinese Food & Medicine’, then tomorrow we take a pause from our travels to look at the more scientific aspects of food & health, from ‘Superfoods & Heart Disease’ to ‘Food Labelling and Healthy Eating’.

Tickets Update

Not a great surprise, but our first event to sell out is ‘The Science of Chocolate’. However there are many others talks left, who could resist a taste of Mrs’s Beeton’s Beef Tea (and learn about the history of hospital food), learning about the surprising long history of the global beef trade (Beefing up Britain) or watching and discussing the recently re-released film ‘Babette’s Feast’.

The full programme of events is viewable here, and the printed programme will soon be available from campus receptions.