Science Uncovered

A busy night at the Science Bar

As part of European Researchers’ Night last week, King’s staff attended the Natural History Museum’s ‘Science Uncovered’ evening. Fighting our way through the queues (over 8500 people attended the evening (tip – use the side entrance in Exhibition Road, much faster than the main entrance)), we of course went straight to the Science Bar, where Dr Jeremy Green from King’s Dental Institute was talking about his research, and science more generally to a wide range of attendees (from 9 years old and up).

One of the most revealing comments of the night was from someone who didn’t consider themself interested in science, but ‘loved natural history’. Holding an event like this in a venue like the Natural History Museum meant that it brought in not just an audience already interested in science, but those for whom normally ‘Science’ was something to be scared of, even though they had been ‘speaking science all their life, without knowing it’.

Open House 2012 – Come Rain or Shine

It was a weekend of two halves.

Queue for the Maughan Library

On an unexpectedly sunny Saturday we had over 400 people visit the Chapel, around 900 visiting the Maughan Library, and people were queueing down the lane to get into the ‘Roman’ Bath. Whilst on site, many visitors also looked into the Inigo Rooms at the John Berger exhibition (‘Arts and Property Now‘) being held by the King’s Cultural Institute and the British Library.




Queueing for the ‘Roman’ Bath



On Sunday, we still had a few hundred brave souls visit each location, despite the downpours. The queues for the bath & library weren’t quite as long as the queue for the Gherkin, but perhaps our visitors preferred to spend their time inside a warm building.



King’s College London Chapel

In total over the weekend we had around 500 visitors to the Chapel, 1200 visitors to the library, and a few hundred managed to squeeze their way into the ‘Roman’ Bath.





Many thanks this year go to Sally Brock, The Revd Tim Ditchfield, and Professor Michael Trapp and all other staff & students for much assistance in opening up the buildings for the weekend.

We’re now looking forward to next year, when we may have some new buildings on the campus to open up. See you then!.

Open House London 2012

This year 3 locations within King’s are taking part in Open House London on the 22 and 23 Sep this year:

  • Maughan Library (Open Sat/Sun 1.30-5)
  • College Chapel - pictured above (Open Sat/Sun 1-4)
  • ‘Roman’ Bath (Open Sat/Sun 10-5)

(The last one is owned by the National Trust and run by Westminster Council. It’s surrounded by King’s buildings though!).

Entrance to the Chapel will be via the Strand (with an Open House banner on the gate) with Student Ambassadors to guide you though the King’s building.

You can download a leaflet giving background information on each location and a map of campus: Open House Leaflet (PDF: 1.9M)

We hope to see lots of you there for the weekend!.