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King’s Experience provides additional learning opportunities for students. You can undertake awards which recognise the extra learning you undertake, thus setting you apart from your peers. The awards feature on your Higher Education Achievement Record, the official transcript of your accomplishments at university, thereby giving you a potential employability advantage.

Perhaps more importantly, King’s Experience awards enhance your learning, by forming connections between classroom and experiential learning, by introducing you to different ways of learning and by expanding your social and personal skill sets as well as your academic ones.

To find out more about individual King’s Experience awards and other additional learning opportunities available at College, take a look at our Student Opportunities prospectus.

King’s Experience also provides opportunities to postgraduate researchers (PGRs). King’s Experience awards are marked by PGRs, overseen by members of academic staff, and each year we advertise for PGRs to be assessors. You will gain a significant academic practice opportunity, and we also pay £300 to each assessor.

King’s Experience represents the College’s commitment to students’ learning. You can expand your skills and enhance your experience of being a student at King’s. Feel free to get in touch with us at or follow us on Twitter.

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