Speaker Introduction-Stephen Falder

Stephen Falder Byotrol biog with photo autumn 2014  We are proud to have Stephen Falder to be our main speaker of the event: Identifying the million dollar idea.

Stephen, our King’s Alumni, studied Chemistry & Biology (specifically Microbiology) in 1978-81. After leaving university he went straight into the world of business, starting in his family-run paint manufacturing business, but soon moved to acquire, start and run other businesses.

He is the inventor of an antimicrobial technology and a founder director of Byotrol plc, an AIM listed anti-microbial technology company. He is Chairman of Ecospray Ltd; an agrichem business with several patents on its garlic based crop protection products. Additionally, he is on the boards of Alpha Biolaboratories, a DNA & Drug testing company as well as Preservation Paints Limited and Byoworks Pty.

He’s a successful business man and what’s more he turns ideas in microbiology into real life products. Where did he get those money making ideas? Here is the chance to find out in our event on 5th March 2015!

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