Publishing: the Spotlight shines on you now….

Our fifth Career Spotlight turns to Science Publishing next week (non-scientists, by all means come too: two of our speakers have Arts degrees!).

Our speakers are all leaders in their field, have great experience of launching new titles, managing staff and will have insights into the future of publishing.  Please come along to find out more about this career route, one that many of you are interested in and which has important influences on all academics.

Our speakers include:

Ruth Francis – Head of Communications at BioMed Central (previous includes Head of Press Nature Publishing Group and Press Officer King’s College London and Cancer Research UK)

Luke Fleet – Associate Editor at Nature Publishing Group (previous includes Assistant Editor Nature Communications and a PhD Physics, Quantum Nanoelectronics)

Michael Osuch – Publishing Director for Neuroscience and Psychology journals at Elsevier (previous posts were at Nature, Informa and Wiley Publishing)

Francesca Lake – Managing Editor, Future Science Group

When: Weds 25th Feb: 5-6pm

Where: FWB 1.70

Would you like to write clearly, fluently and professionally?

Following the success of hosting Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellows in the Graduate School for the past three years, we are delighted to welcome Hilary Davies and Michelle Lovric for the 2014-15 session. Hilary and Michelle will provide free, confidential one-to-one advice sessions for postgraduate research students and postdoctoral research staff, and can help with a very diverse set of writing skills, including: thesis organisation and structure; accurate grammar; correct use of idiom and register; punctuation; fluent academic style; summary skills; literature reviews; job applications; abstracts; presentations; research articles and submission for publication; overcoming writer’s block; and more. They will also recommend useful websites, courses, publications and professional organisations where needed.

Our RLF Fellows are able to offer one-to-one tutorials of between 1 and 1 ½ hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week during term time. Based in the Waterloo Bridge Wing of the Franklin Wilkins Building, they are keen to help students and researchers from any discipline, and are an excellent resource for postgraduate research students and postdoctoral researchers who wish to improve and refine their writing skills. Their service is entirely confidential, and anyone interested in drawing on their expertise as professional writers should email them at  to arrange an appointment.

Hilary Davies will also be running two courses within the Researcher Development Programme this academic year: ‘How to Construct an Argument’ and ‘Leadership Skills for Research Students’. Please see the RDP brochureor go on to SkillsForge for details and how to book.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Graduate School’s Researcher Development Unit at

Writing advice for PhD students with Michelle Lovric

Michelle Lovric, a new Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow, has availability to see PhD students who want advice on how to improve their writing skills on both the 19th and 20th February at the Waterloo Bridge Wing building. Michelle is a successful novelist and journalist. Read more about Michelle’s work here.

If you would like advice on your writing, please contact Michelle on to make an appointment.

Career Spotlight tomorrow: Writing Careers

Whether you’re a life scientist or social scientist, medic or musician, writing is something you do every day.  Can you convert your skill into an interesting career?

Come and listen to Dr Julia Coleman, Project Manager, Synergy Medical, or Dr Una-Frances Clarke, Editor, BBC Proms guide, in our next Careers Spotlight.

  • Weds 12th Feb, 5-6pm
  • FWB 1.70
  • No need to book

Find out more about how they write, how things get published, what it’s like to publish digitally, and so on.  These are informal events, designed to help you think what you want to do next.  There’s no substitute to hearing it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak!

See you there


Meeting employers; using your skills; interesting careers

These three things are among the main topics of conversation I have with PhDs and post-docs.

Why not help yourself with all these areas by coming along next Wednesday to the Career Spotlight on Writing Careers?

You’ll get to meet two employers (Julia Coleman from Synergy Medical, and Una-Frances Clarke from the BBC Proms), both using their knowledge and skills developed during their degrees; who are both doing what they think are interesting careers.

One’s a scientist, ones a humanities person.  Both write for a living (in print and digitally).

The sessions are really informal: they are here for you to be asking the questions you’ve been turning around in your head for ages:

  • what’s it like outside academia?
  • how did you make the switch?
  • who values a PhD?
  • what is it like to make a career out of writing?
  • what experience do I need?

and so on.

  • Weds 12th Feb, 5-6pm
  • FWB 1.70
  • No need to book.

See you there: armed with the information you gain, then we really can have an interesting conversation about your career.