3 Month Secondment Opportunity for EPSRC funded PhD students

The EPSRC has announced the 2014 call for applications for a three month secondment opportunity to the Parliamentary Office of Science and technology (POST) open to EPSRC funded PhD students.

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) is an office of the two Houses of Parliament (Commons and Lords), charged with providing balanced and independent analyses of science and technology based issues of relevance to Parliament.

During their time at Parliament, EPSRC/POST Fellows will work on a policy topic grounded in science and technology. Examples of previous topics include ‘ICT for Disabled People’ and ‘Livestock Super Farms’. Following the placement the fellow will be invited to write a short report for EPSRC detailing their work over the three months and the outcomes achieved.

All EPSRC funded postgraduate research students, except first year students, who will still be studying (receiving a stipend) in March 2014 are eligible.

The closing date is 4th October 2013.

Further details and how to apply can be found here: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/skills/fellows/other/Pages/post.aspx

IT roles….

**The deadline for this post has passed, but the information is retained for your further research inspiration**

This is an interesting example of a knowledge-transfer role, in this case from Oxford Brookes University.  They’re looking for someone to help with systems architecture work across local primary schools.  See

http://jobonline.thecareersgroup.co.uk/kings/student/DisplayVacancy.aspx?id=1a2c7d8e-b3b3-455b-b79a-2f857d2625a1 for this and for other similar roles.

For further information about IT-related jobs and information, check out King’s Careers FB page on the topic: http://www.facebook.com/#!/kingstechnologycareers?fref=pb

Toshiba Fellowship Programme

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How to apply

Apply with: For details of this year’s Fellowship Programme and guidance on how to apply, please visit our website
Name: Ailish Kerrigan

More information: Visit website

Deadline for applications:07/12/2012

The Toshiba Fellowship Programme (TFP) offers outstanding scientists an annual opportunity to apply to join Toshiba’s research and development laboratories in Japan, initially for one year, on a Research Fellowship Contract.The TFP is a unique opportunity for recently qualified PhD level scientists, mainly from science, computing and mathematics disciplines. It offers a chance to journey alongside Toshiba into innovation, discovering a new world of research and development, as well as exploring and living a new cultural experience in Japan.

Toshiba Fellows nurture cross-cultural understanding between the UK, Europe and Japan whilst benefiting from working in our highly innovative and research-centred organisation, in a country renowned for its world class technology. Every Toshiba Fellow has a real possibility to contribute to our future technologies. Participating in our scheme leads to both career development and personal growth.

The Programme has successfully operated for over 25 years, enjoying a strong and long-running collaboration with the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) as well as fostering and developing the relationship between Japanese industry and UK academia. The successful Fellow receives a generous package, including relocation assistance to and from Japan, together with support and advice prior to and during their stay.

The Toshiba Fellowship Programme 2013 is now open for applications until Friday 7 December 2012.

For details of this year’s Fellowship Programme and guidance on how to apply, please visit our website: www.toshiba.eu/fellowship

Atomic Energy Postdoc positions in Japan.

**This post is over a year old but may help you identify employers, job titles or skills you need to research your next posting**

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Recruitment of Postdoctoral Researchers 

JAEA are now recruiting postdoctoral researchers

Approx. 30 positions available

Contract term: 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014

Salary: 420,000 JPY/month plus benefits

JAEA are now recruiting postdoctoral researchers from the the following fields:

  • Computational science
  • Advanced science research
  • Nuclear science and engineering
  • Nuclear safety research
  • Quantum beam science
  • Fusion research and development
  • Advanced nuclear system and research development
  • Geological isolation research and development
  • Other related research fields

Approx. 30 positions available

Qualification requirement: Hold a PhD in a relevant field obtained after 1 April 2005 or by the time the position starts