Skills for Success: Living & Studying In a UK Cultural Context

A course of four, interactive, cross-cultural learning and support sessions is being offered to international postgraduate students registered at King’s College.

This short series of workshops will be of interest and benefit to international students who would like to enhance their cross-cultural competence and gain insights into aspects of living and studying in the UK to support their studies at King’s.

The sessions will be held on four wednesdays 2.30-4.00pm starting from 13th November. See below for all dates:

Each session will focus on developing a different skill:

Session 1: 13th November – Introductions to the course and each other; what is culture?

Session 2: 20th November – Participating in academic groups

Session 3: 27th November – Social conversation

Session 4: 4th December – Seeking help and expressing disagreement

Please note:

  • The sessions are being offered as a ‘closed’ group for a 15-20 students, who will aim attend all four sessions
  • To maximise learning outcomes and mutual support, students will unfortunately not be able to join the group after the first session
  • A commitment to attend all four modules of the course will be required
  • The sessions are offered as an optional, professional development training and do not lead to any kind of qualification or certification

This course is jointly run by the Student Advice and International Student Support and Counselling departments. All sessions will be held at the Waterloo campus, Franklin Wilkins Building.

If you are interested in joining all four cross cultural training sessions, send an email to Jennifer Raper setting out why this training is of interest and of use to you. Please provide as much information as you can, so I can gain understanding about the specific cultural areas of interest to you: Email Jennifer Raper at