Interested in a career with the UN or other international organisation?

We’ve received this information about a new career platform that might be of interest. All services are completely free of charge.

This is what they say:

Working for an international organizations, like the United Nations, is a goal for many graduates. UNjobfinder supports people in achieving this. We gather vacant jobs and internships from more than 1,000 global organizations, including UN agencies, international financial institutions and the most influential International NGO’s. We also provide valuable career advice based on our unique expertise that we gained from working in this sector. Please find below some of the articles which could support your students:

How to apply for an internship within the UN:–step-by-step

Tips on how to get a junior position within the UN:

Top tips for writing CVs and cover letters:—your-door-openers-to-a-development-career

UNjobfinder’s guide to volunteering:

10 tips on career paths in humanitarian work:—10-development-career-paths

10 false myths about working at the United Nations:

UNjobfinder Career Podcast

In each episode we interview a person with a remarkable career in the UN or other global organizations. Get career advice and listen to their experiences here: is a service from INTALMA, a Swedish social enterprise. We are not affiliated with the United Nations but many UN-organisations are active partners.