Mandarin speaker? An event for you – Thursday 23rd April

‘Careers for Mandarin Speakers’

Thursday 23rd April 5pm – 7pm

Edmond J Safra Lecture Theatre, 1F Strand

If you are a Mandarin speaker looking to start your career either here in the UK, or in East Asia, then this is a great opportunity to hear from recruiters in some of the big employers of Mandarin speakers in a number of different countries.

Speakers from:

Nielsen China

Consumer information analysis multi-national. Nick Lesser, talks about their Grad Intake Programme


IT services firm with operation in Asia-Pacific as well as UK, Europe and N. America. Emily Busby and Candy Wong talk about how they recruit and train grads before placing them with client Fortune 500 companies in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Singapore.


Chinese network and telecoms multi-national, and the largest manufacturer of telecoms equipment in the world. Leo Hawkins talks about their UK recruiting programme.

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