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Entepreneurship on KEATS

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In partnership with Enterprise Nation, our Entrepreneurship library supports all types of entrepreneurial learning activities. We provide expert advice, insight and guidance to those who wish to start and scale their own ventures, as well as those who wish to develop as employees or employers in their chosen careers.

The platform provides you with a global resource bank of articles, videos, blogs, presentations and much more. It is also an essential tool for individuals taking part in the King’s Enterprise Award.


Support for PhD candidates who teach

Many of you gain teaching experience at King’s while undertaking your research degree. This is great for you and good for the university too.

We want to make sure those of you who do teach are well supported. Faculties deliver a range of training, induction and buddying arrangements for Teaching Assistants (TAs) and King’s Learning Institute (KLI) also offers the ‘Preparing to Teach’ course and the more advanced PGCAP course that leads to a nationally recognised qualification. KLI has considerably increased capacity on these courses in responses to requests from TAs.

Recently we have had discussions to see how we can improve support further, and that involved a focus group with TAs. In response to the three main suggestions to come out of this session, we have made the following changes:

  1. University policy guidance is now available on the Teaching Opportunities webpage of the Graduate School. Our focus group said they found this a very helpful document but hadn’t previously been aware of it.
  2. KLI has agreed to arrange drop-in sessions for TAs on different campuses so you can call in and get advice on good practice and/or discuss problems you are having with your teaching. These will begin in September 2015.
  3. The Graduate School has set up a discussion forum where you can contact other TAs, share your experience and good practice, as well as offer advice and support to your peers. This can be found on KEATS, but you will need to submit an application form for admission to the forum. This can be found on our internal web pages by clicking here and selecting the tab entitled ‘Forum for King’s Graduate Teaching Assistants’.

Professor Vaughan Robinson
Director of the Graduate School

Your research degree, your future? A new way of helping yourself decide

What was it, I wonder, that made you take the step into post-graduate research?  Many of the PhDs, post-docs and other staff I talk to see it as a natural progression into an academic life.  Others had a particular interest in a subject and found that doing structured research around it was the best way to find out more.  For others still, it’s a leg-up into a different level of job.

Some of these people know instinctively what their next step should be.  But you might be one of those who are struggling to figure that out.  Or, perhaps, you thought you knew what the immediate future held but are now not so sure, or haven’t been successful in making whatever leap is necessary.

If this sounds a bit like you, take a look at the new KEATS online module about Career Development. You can work your way through the materials (a mixture of signposts to outside resources, worksheets, career inspiration videos and so on) in order, or take a look at the sections most immediately relevant to you.

Let Kate Murray, our dedicated careers adviser for research students and staff, know what you think about it – email – and go and see her if you’d like to follow up on any of the material included in the module.  PhDs, post-docs and other staff are able to see her for hour-long appointments where you can discuss any aspects of your career decision-making.