Taking your business to market

Are you a global graduate with an innovative start-up idea?

Do you have a promising idea that you can turn into a successful business?

Is your ambition to start up your own firm in a global business hub like the UK?

For overseas nationals seeking to start a new business in the UK, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) has an exciting new programme – The Sirius Programme – aimed to attract the brightest and best final year students and graduate entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in the UK.

It offers you a place on one of the world’s best business accelerator programmes and also provides a £12,000 financial contribution. You will also receive additional support to gain clients, funding, mentoring and logistical help with relocating to the UK, including visa sponsorship.

The scheme is open to recent graduates or final year university students who have followed BA/BSc level, Master or Research degree programmes. Only teams of 2-4 members can apply, and at least half of the team must be non-British citizens.

For those who are interested, check out the Sirius Programme website for more information http://www.siriusprogramme.com/.

St. Gallen Symposium – an opportunity to attend a conference and win an international prize

Are you interested in sharing your ideas with the global elite and competing for a prize money of EUR 20,000.–?

Would you like to discuss the world’s most pressing issues with today’s top decision-makers like Dominic Barton, McKinsey & Company, Inc., Robert Dudley, BP plc, Professor Niall Ferguson, Harvard University or Christine Lagarde, International Monetary Fund?

Seize your opportunity and qualify as one of 200 “Leaders of Tomorrow” for the 44th St. Gallen Symposium through the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, the world’s largest and most renowned essay competition of its kind. The 44th St. Gallen Symposium will be held from 6–9 May 2014 under the topic “The Clash of Generations” and will, as every year, follow its mission as the leading global platform for intergenerational debates.

The submission deadline for the competition is 1 February 2014. The authors of the 100 best contributions qualify for the St. Gallen Symposium which includes the following highlights:

  • Free participation as “Leader of Tomorrow” in the 44th St. Gallen Symposium
  • Meet 600 top managers, entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists from more than 60 nations
  • Meet 200 of the world’s brightest young minds and become member of our exclusive global community
  • Expenses covered (travel, board and lodging)
  • Chance to win the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, endowed with EUR 20,000.–

If you do not want to miss this unique opportunity, apply for the competition at http://www.symposium.org/apply. You may also want to share the information about this unique experience with your friends and follow us on www.facebook.com/StGallenSymposium.

How to qualify for an expenses-covered participation at the St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland

There will be an information session on how you can qualify for an expenses-covered participation in the world’s leading conference for intergenerational debate, the St. Gallen Symposium, held from 6–9 May 2014 in Switzerland. You are cordially invited to join this event. 

EVENT: Information Session about the St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland

DATE: Monday, 4 November 2013

TIME: 4:00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m. 

VENUE: Room S0.12, Strand Building, King’s College London

INVITEES: Graduate/Postgraduate students (Master, Ph.D., MBA., post-graduation diploma programmes), from all fields of study

There is no need to book a place, just turn up!

Take this opportunity and meet one of the conference’s representatives, Ms Barbara Woegerbauer, who will visit King’s College London exclusively for you. You will also have the opportunity to talk to Mr Johnathan Watkins, a student at King’s College London who participated in the St. Gallen Symposium last year. They will answer all your questions regarding the St. Gallen Symposium and how you can best qualify for participation. Seize your chance for a free trip to Switzerland and for debates on par with the world elite in management, business, politics and civil society!

Dissertation Support

July, the sun is shining, and while it seems like everyone else is out enjoying the good weather you’re stuck in the library, wondering if you will ever finish your dissertation. If you are a Masters student and you feel like you need some support – don’t worry help is at hand!

The Library Services team have Information Specialists for each School who are available to help you with research: from guidance on making the most of journals & online resources, to advice on searching more effectively, and making sure your sources are cited correctly. You can read more about the Library’s Information Specialists and get in touch with them via: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/library/contact/spec/specialists.aspx

If it’s not the information collection and analysis that’s worrying you but rather the thousands of words of academic English that are giving you sleepless nights then, in addition to the support offered by your supervisor, one of the Study Skills Advisors from the English Language Centre can offer suggestions on language, style, coherence and overall structure of your thesis/dissertation and will even offer feedback on a written sample of your work. Further details on Dissertation Clinics can be found on the Intranet (Internal only): https://internal.kcl.ac.uk/student/advice/services/drop-in/clinic.aspx

Tempting as it is to get all the (many, many) words down in a quick draft, leaving references to the last minute is an absolute nightmare. Writing your bibliography as you go along will save you a lot of unnecessary hassle. No-one wants to be the person scouring Google Scholar at 2am on the night before submission because you didn’t note down the reference of the library’s only copy of a book that has since been borrowed by someone else. Check with your department for their preferred style of referencing and remember to stick with it. The Library Services team have information about the more widely used referencing styles as well as access to referencing software such as EndNote and RefWorks: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/library/help/plagiarism/citing/index.aspx

Even if you feel as though you’ll never get it all done by September, at this point in the summer, you still have lots of time. Remember no-one can work 24/7 between now and then. Think of it as a tortoise and hare thing. Don’t exhaust yourself by spending 12 hours a day in the library (that’s for the last couple of weeks…). Weekends are there for a reason. Enjoy them. Have a book on the go that isn’t anything to do with your dissertation. Remember it’s about finding a balance that works for you. If you are tired and bored, you won’t be as productive. Make sure you are well rested and eating healthily, you’ll need some energy stored up for the final push.

Sometimes if you are feeling uninspired a change of scenery can help: try working in a different library. Remember as a King’s student you can use Senate House library or the libraries of any of the other colleges in the University of London. This can also be good way of making sure you get some work done especially if you tend to be someone who doesn’t need much of an excuse to have a chat with your mate.

Finally, if you are rueing the day you ever thought going back to university might be a nice idea, try to remember why you wanted to do your masters in the first place, be it: that qualification to help your CV stand out, the first step to an academic career, or a chance to re-train in a new profession. Stay positive, you’ll do just fine. Good luck!

Who are we and how can we help you?

The Graduate School at King’s College London provides a focus for postgraduate activities and development, to ensure that the growing number of postgraduate students at King’s receive a high quality experience while studying for their degree.

Here is a list of some of the key services we offer to all postgraduate students across the College:

  • Postgraduate social space via the Graduate Lounges
  • Postgraduate work spaces within the Libraries
  • Social events delivered in conjunction with KCLSU under the ‘Unlocking London’ umbrella, the Graduate & Mature Students’ Society and the Chaplaincy.

 For doctoral researchers, we also offer:

  • Training resources via the Graduate School’s Researcher Development Programme
  • A dedicated Graduate Careers Advisor
  • Conference Fund Grants
  • Support for international travel to partner institutes
  • Royal Literary Fund Fellows to assist you with your writing.

For further details about our services, please refer to the our Graduate School web pages
If there are any areas that you feel could be improved to enhance your postgraduate experience at King’s, we would welcome your suggestions.  Please email us at: graduateschool@kcl.ac.uk.