Thinking about a career in finance?

Postgraduate researchers will have many of the qualities that would be attractive to employers in the finance sector. For example, researchers will have had to explain difficult concepts to people outside of their field, analyse and evaluate complex information as well as manage their own time.

But what does a career in finance mean? For some people, it’s a career in ‘the city’- commonly in an investment bank. The city is actually an area of London, sometimes called the square mile, where many business are based including law firms, insurance companies and financial regulators as well as investment banks.

However, there are lots of jobs in finance that aren’t based in city institutions. Find out more by using the tag ‘finance’ at CareersTagged, or follow the tags on the RH side of the blog.

Financial Alternatives

Financial Alternatives is an innovative new event for the Careers Group where students will have the opportunity to ‘speed-meet’ with professionals who work in finance outside of investment banks. It will take place on 20th October 2011 between 5 and 7pm, but we have already opened bookings, so if you see any students who are looking for alternative careers to investment banking be sure to let them know.


Professions represented at Financial Alternatives include: financial journalism, risk, insurance, financial research and financial advice


Book through the website:


Jeff Riley’s notes on Financial Services industry recruitment

**NB This information is over two years old but is retained for information and inspiration**

Jeff attended a briefing session on this sector and mades some discoveries. One was that 25% of vacancies in financial services last year – WENT UNFILLED.

The person who said this was Gary Argent a King’s postgrad alumnus who now works for the Association of Graduate Recruiters.

Jeff reported on some new methods of recruitment that were coming in to use:

“Motivation based assessment – A speaker from the FSA pointed out that  it’s hard for candidates to differentiate themselves through competency based questions.  Probing motivation together with business acumen helps ensure they get candidates who really want to work for them.  So what have they done to find out about the FSA.  Acumen questions are things such as what are the issues for the FSA? What should they do and what are the implications of certain courses of action.  The FSA admit they have a tough application form but take in their stride the 6000 incompleted online applications and the 78% of candidates rejected at the first stage because they know by the time they get candidates to the final stage they will be able to offer jobs.  In fact they made 70% offers at the final stage and the other 30% were offered non graduate jobs.

(Note: the FSA have just trecruited a King’s PhD graduate from PSE.)

Strengths based assessment – Maria Floud gave a talk on this new approach currently being used by Ernst and Young.  Employers are looking through this mechanism to find candidates whose innate or natural strengths fit them to the role.  Less about can you do the job but would you enjoy doing the job.  More about what comes easy to you rather than what is your biggest challenge. What you are naturally great at rather than can you learn how to do it.  How do you feel about an activity rather than what it involves or what you learnt from it.  Looking for the energy in the candidates.  And a contra example “What’s on your ‘to do’ list” as an example of what you aren’t drawn to.

Jobs in Risk at KPMG

KPMG still recruiting for September 2010 entry- Come and meet us over Easter!

Dear all

Are you looking for a graduate job? KPMG is still recruiting for Autumn 2010 graduate programmes and has great opportunities within our Risk and Compliance group.

Risk and Compliance (R&C) combines a wide range of services to help our clients manage their regulatory environment, extract value from their financial and organisational risk management processes, and provide guidance for high quality governance and corporate sustainability. There are five graduate entry routes into R&C which reflects the diverse range of people working within the Group such as accountants, IT specialists, actuaries, economists, and industry specialists.

To find out more about the roles we have within Risk and Compliance come along to our London office event over the Easter break. You can talk to our current trainees to find out what it’s like to work at KPMG as a graduate, or pick up tips for applying over drinks and nibbles. The event is also being held in our Canary Wharf office so you can really see what it’s like to work here.

22nd April 2010 6.30pm Canary Wharf Office click here to register and reserve your place! or let me know on:

For further information on our Risk and Compliance routes click here

All the best