A career in medical communications – visit to Nucleus Global

Nucleus Global is a group of medical communications agencies that provides full in-house consulting and communications services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and to healthcare professionals. They have offices across the globe.

As well as a number of full-service medical communications agencies, Nucleus Global also has its own continuing and independent medical education companies. You can find out more about them here. To find about more about medical communications careers click here.

As an employer, they focus on recruiting people with science PhDs for both their client services and editorial roles because of the depth of knowledge and advanced scientific and research skills.  Nucleus Global continuously recruits throughout the year.

They initially require a CV which is followed by a brief phone call. The CV is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate good communication skills. It should be attractive, well laid out with perfect grammar and spelling. You should also demonstrate how your skills match the needs of medical communications.

If you are successful in the initial screening there is a writing test and usually an interview process, which is competency based.  Candidates are given one week to complete the writing test to a brief which is provided. Demonstration of effective plain English written communication is essential to success in the recruitment process.

The company places good value on activities additional to your research. This may be volunteering, taking on extra responsibilities, playing sport or other activities that demonstrate your interests and strengths. You should also consider how your values align with those of the company, which is very team oriented and wants to work with people who thrive in this sort of environment. This can be quite a contrast to the more solitary life of an academic researcher.

As a business, the company has a much faster pace than academic research but maintains the same scientific rigour and high ethical standards. Finally, as a global business, with a diverse range of clients, your people skills are highly valued and vital to succeeding.

Many thanks to all at Nucleus Global for hosting the visit and being so generous with their time and insights.

Naturejobs Career Expo 2015

Basic CMYKThe Naturejobs Career Expo 2015, hosted for the 9th time in London, offers young, talented researchers an excellent opportunity to meet a diverse selection of national and international employers from academic institutions and scientific industries, such as pharmaceutical organizations, digital technology companies, science publishing and more.

This year’s one day event will be held on September 18, 2015 at the Business Design Centre and offers you a chance to:

  • Attend all conferences and workshops for free 
  • Meet employers face-to-face
  • Networking with leading scientific institutions of your interest
  • Benefit from free one-to-one CV checking
  • Learn how to enhance your employability
  • Maximize your career prospects

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Career Spotlights: your chance to meet some different employers!

Has the Christmas break given you a chance to think about what your next move might be?  Let us help you get some more career inspiration!

Come to our Career Spotlights and meet with employers who’ll spark your imagination.

What are Career Spotlights?

We invite people working in different fields, who have a PhD and are usually KCL alumni, to come and talk about their jobs.  Generally we have two or three employers coming so you will get different insights into a similar sector.  We have chosen sectors we know are interesting to a range of different PhDs.  The talks are informal, and employers are not coming specifically to recruit you!  They’re a chance for you to ask the questions you’ve often wondered about and find out what employers outside of academia are looking for.

Who should come?

Any PhD or post-doc, from any discipline, is welcome.  You might be in the first year or the last month of your contract!  There’s no sign-up, but please do come in good time.  We hold all our Spotlights at the Waterloo campus as a central venue.

Here’s the list of events:

   Session Date Time Location
Life Science Consulting

(Navigant and WCI Consulting)

 Weds 14 Jan 5:30-6:30pm FWB1.70
Management Consulting

(Deloitte and PA Consulting)

 Weds 28 Jan 5-6pm FWB1.70
Science/Public Engagement

(Cancer Research UK and Beeline Science Communications)

 Weds 11 Feb 5-6pm FWB1.70
Science Publishing  Weds 25 Feb 5-6pm FWB1.70
Working in Scientific Industries   Weds 11 Mar 5-6pm FWB1.70
Patent Attorney   Weds 25 Mar 5-6pm FWB1.70

Arts and Humanities and SSPP researchers: you are very welcome to come to any of these events, and note we are planning an event in April for sectors more in line with your interests.