Thinking Creativity

Written by Paula Serafini, PhD Candidate, Culture, Media & Creative Industries

‘Thinking Creativity’, a King’s Interdisciplinary Experience Award, began as a response to an open call for new Knowledge Exchange Associates (KEA).

A group of us responded as PhD students in the department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries, with an idea for a module that would explore the idea of creativity from different angles, and in different settings. This idea came about as a result of the interdisciplinary nature of our department, which stands somewhere between the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, and from discovering that what brought together all of our research projects and interests was the notion of creativity.

thinking creativity

With this in mind, we designed a module that looked at creativity from the point of view of media and technology, labour, crafts, politics, art history, and social research. The team at the Learning Institute had a very positive response to our proposal, and was eager to give PhD students an opportunity to design and run their own module.

The process of designing the module and preparing it for approval by the College was hard work, as even though it was an extra-curricular module, it had to comply with the standard requisites of any module at King’s. We therefore had to think of aims and outcomes, criteria for assessment, and most importantly, the level of content for the module – both in terms of lectures and readings.

We successfully presented the module at two approval meetings at King’s, and always had support from the KEA team throughout the process. Support was also given for the recruitment and enrolment processes, and for managing our KEATS space. Once assignments were in, we attended one final meeting at which results were reviewed by a board of examiners which controlled the assessment results.

Designing, convening, and teaching the King’s Interdisciplinary Experience Award ‘Thinking Creativity’ was an incredibly rich experience as an early career researcher. It provided me with the opportunity to go through the entire process for validating a module, thus acquiring invaluable experience as an educator. Also, it gave me an opportunity to teach on topics of my choice, and to have control over the format and dynamic of sessions, allowing me in this way to begin shaping my own style and ethos as a teacher.

Find out more about the King’s Experience Interdisciplinary Awards and the Thinking Creativity module.

Design and teach a module for undergraduates

King’s Experience is offering a group of postgraduate researchers the opportunity to design and teach their own module at undergraduate level.

The module will be available as one of the King’s Experience Interdisciplinary Awards. Details about the existing modules for the award can be found here. In particular, take a look at the Thinking Creativity module, which is designed and run by a group of postgraduate researchers from the Dept of Culture, Media and Creative Industries.

The costs you incur in designing and teaching the award will be met by King’s Experience.

This is an outstanding opportunity to enhance your academic practice and your CV, as you will design and manage every aspect of the module, although academic as well as financial support will be available from the King’s Experience team.

If you are interested in designing and teaching your own module, drop an email to King’s Experience with some first thoughts about your proposed module (maximum 500 words). Kindly write ‘King’s Experience Interdisciplinary Award’ in the email subject field. Applications can be from groups of two or more postgraduate researchers, and your proposed module must have a significant interdisciplinary aspect.

The closing date for applications is Monday 9th March.