The Francis Crick Institute PhD studentships – Spring Call for Applications

The Francis Crick Institute has launched a second call for applications to its four-year PhD Programme for entry in September 2016.

If you are a graduate/master’s student with a background in biological sciences, physics, mathematics, computer science and/or chemistry and are interested in undertaking a PhD programme, please Click here, or visit the Crick website, for details.

Students are invited to apply by noon, Wednesday 30 March 2016.  More information about the studentships can also be found on the King’s intranet.

Career Spotlight: Data Science

It was great to see so many of you at the Consultancy event last week.  A write up will follow soon on this blog.

Next week, we will be hearing from three people who work in data science.  Find out more about how your analytic, programming and data skills can work in industry.

Dr Kim Nilsson, Pivigo:

Kim is an Astrophysics PhD turned Entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Pivigo, an organisation focused on supporting analytical MScs and PhDs in their career transitions into data science roles. She is passionate about people, data and connecting the two.

Dr Ana Costa e Silva, TIBCO:

Ana has 15 years experience with data, undergraduate studies in Business and a PhD in computer science (AI) from the Edinburgh University. She has previously been a manager economic statistician for the Statistics department of the Portuguese Central Bank and a researcher of the inner workings of the global stock market for Edinburgh Partners.

Dr Zach Izham, Hewlett Packard

Zach has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and after several roles in aero-engineering, is now responsible for designing, implementing and testing solutions for data analytics and machine learning for clients in insurance/ banking/automotive industries and also governmental agencies from a ‘data science’ perspective.

  • Time: Weds 10th Feb, 5.30-6.30pm
  • Place: Franklin Wilkins Building, Waterloo campus, room 1.70
  • No need to book

The Francis Crick Institute Four Year PhD Studentships 2016

The Francis Crick Institute are looking for 45 exceptional students to join their four year Crick PhD Programme starting in September 2016.

The application deadline is 12 noon GMT Wednesday 11th Nov 2015.

Please click on the image below for more information.


Latest Job Vacancy: Research Scientist

**This vacancy has been filled; use this post for inspiration and to reflect on your transferable skills**
Recruiter: Duvas Technologies
Salary: £30,000 – £35,000
Location: E1
Date posted: 17/11/2011
Company Logo

An experienced research person with good software skills and academic research background to carry out research on optical spectroscopic analysis tools, maintain and develop basic GUIs and optical spectrum analysis software running in Windows platform and the real time embedded Linux platform.


  • Spectral analysis and algorithms design
  • Windows GUI design and maintenance
  • Embedded software design on Linux and ATmega platforms
  • Design of tests and experiments for the lab tests and products

Required skills:

  • Knowledge and experience of digital signal processing and numerical methods
  • Strong C++ skills on both Windows and Linux platform
  • Experience with embedded system design
  • Experience with sensor reading and integration
  • Desirable skills:
    • C#, XML .NET skills
    • PHP and web design
    • Electronics system design
    • Motion control theory and experience
    • Experience with Atmel embedded system
    • Experience with KML, Google Earth, Google Maps

For more jobs like this, visit Jobonline:

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