Arts & Humanities PhD Case Studies: A Portfolio Academic Career

This interview, and the others to follow over the next few weeks, are with the employers represented at the recent King’s College London Arts & Humanities PhD careers event. They have been written by PhD candidate Valeria Valotto, to whom we are very grateful!

From PhD to Lecturer and Chaplain: A Case of Portfolio Career

Revd. Dr. Rosie Andrious

Current position: Rosie is New Testament teacher at KCL and Chaplain for Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

Starting point:

After reading Theology I completed an MA at King’s, where I then returned for my PhD after being ordained. Prior and alongside my PhD I was a mental health chaplain for fourteen years for the South of London and Maudsley Mental Health Trust.

What was your first step outside academia?

There was never a moment when I ‘leaped’ outside academia. Throughout the PhD I have been building a portfolio career, combining research and teaching with full-time chaplaincy.

How did you make it?

My previous role as chaplain was crucial in allowing me to carve out my unique career profile. While doing the PhD I had been teaching, it was natural to continue this activity alongside my job as a chaplain, which provides financial stability.

Chapel services in the last week of term

As we approach the end of term the Chaplaincy would like to highlight some events in the Chapels to which all are welcome to attend:

In the College Chapel at the Strand:
A Service of Tenebrae on Tuesday 25 March at 18.00-19.00. Tenebrae is an old traditional service which moves from light towards darkness by the gradual extinguishing of candles representing the last days of Jesus’ life. It is a beautiful service with choral music sung by the choir, readings and periods of silence for reflection.

In the Chapel of Thomas Guy:
A Service of Music & Meditation for Passiontide on Thursday 27 March 17.30-18.30. This service of music and readings will focus on the last days of Jesus’ life, and will incorporate elements of the liturgy of the Church for Lent and Holy Week as well as hymns and well known anthems sung from the Chapel Choir.