Scientists & Co. are recruiting volunteers!

Scientists & Co., a non-profit organisation, are running the Shadow a Scientist programme for a second time after a successful pilot this July.

Aim of the Programme  

The aim is to increase the social mobility of highly motivated 16-18 year old pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. It involves a 2-day shadowing experience with researchers at King’s and taster sessions/workshops delivered in collaboration with KCLSU and the King’s Widening Participation department. We aim to boost the pupils’ confidence in breaking cultural barriers and inspire them to pursue STEM subjects.

To view details of the July session and volunteers’ testimonials, please click here, and to read pupils’ testimonials, click here.

Who are we looking for?

  • 20 enthusiastic volunteers (ideally PhD students/postdocs working in science, technology, mathematics and engineering) who are willing to be shadowed on the 25th-26th October 2016. Each volunteer will be assigned two pupils for 5 hours each day. You will be expected to carry on with your normal schedule but with two enthusiastic 16 year olds by your side!
  • 10 volunteers to help with the CV/Personal Statement Clinic on the 27th October 2016 at Guy’s campus. Each volunteer will be required to read and provide input on short CV/Personal statements (~150 words) for 2-3 pupils.

Please note: All volunteers will be required to attend the ‘Meet & Greet’ session on 24th October where lunch will be provided. They will also need to go through a DBS check and a very short (~45 mins) safeguarding training course in the first week of October.

What do volunteers gain?

This is a fantastic opportunity to help deserving pupils while honing your science communication and engagement skills. Your efforts will go a long way in increasing their chances of getting into university!

If you are interested in volunteering please click here to apply. If you have any questions, please email us at


King’s Think Tank Recruits for 2016-17!

If you are looking for career development opportunity or aspiring for a career in policy, diplomacy, marketing or journalism within a health sciences framework, please read on.

The Global Health Policy Centre at King’s Think Tank is looking for students to help reshape the global healthcare policy and promote health equity. They have the following voluntary positions to offer:

  • Policy Centre Editor : If you are good at writing and brainstorming, and have great ideas to bring onboard, you should consider applying for this post.
  • Policy Centre Researcher : If you are a stickler for details, a hardcore evidence-based researcher with exceptional writing skills and exciting ideas, you’d make a great researcher.
  • Policy Centre Liaison : If you enjoy talking to people, are well-organised and a fantastic event manager, this is just the role for you.

For a full job description and to apply please visit:!recruitment-2016-17/umls4

Deadline for applications are Monday 5th September, 2016. Should you have any questions, please email

Are you ready for the next challenge? PhDs and post-docs wanted…..

Here at Science Innovation Union (, we’re committed to inspire entrepreneurship among young scientists from any background, and to boost innovation by bridging the gap between industry, government and academia with the aim of translating innovative science into disruptive business. We are a young and exciting organization, and we have big plans for this year.

In our first year, we managed to run 19 separate stimulating events, with more than 2500 registered attendees, 16 000+ interactions and various consulting projects in. Furthermore, we attracted more than 120 full-time scientists to our training and educational program, OB360.

SIU is expanding as never before, and has major plans for 2016-2017. We will introduce new ventures and we are forming regional Divisions in Cambridge and London. We work towards building a world-leading brand and we’re inviting you to build it with us.

Find out more about these voluntary positions on their website:

Two fantastic vacancies for PhDs….

Science Communications at the British Heart Foundation.

Science policy within the EU.

PGR Student Member Needed for King’s Audit & Compliance Committee

Would you like to help King’s and gain valuable experience by serving on a major College committee?

King’s is seeking a postgraduate research (PhD or equivalent) student to serve on the College’s Audit and Compliance Committee. This is an important committee which plays a key role in the College’s governance. Its functions include challenging the College’s strategic objectives and management arrangements, providing the College Council (as the College’s governing board) with assurance that King’s has effective risk management, control and governance arrangements in place, reviewing the College’s audit arrangements and ensuring there are effective structures for managing statutory and regulatory compliance. The Committee’s annual report is submitted to the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

As the Committee’s PGR student member, you will have the opportunity to contribute a student’s viewpoint to the Committee’s deliberations in a positive, constructive and engaged way. This will involve preparing for and attending meetings of the Committee (normally three per year, in term time). You should have an appreciation of the mission of the higher education sector, have the ability to question intelligently, be numerate and have strong analytical skills and be able to see the ‘bigger picture’. An understanding of the importance of confidentiality in collective decision making is essential for participating in this Committee’s work.

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